Judges, Magistrates, and Clerks: you know that your dockets are overflowing with cases. You also know that if the litigants would just pause for a moment and stop talking past each other, most of the cases would settle.

Unfortunately, litigation has turned into survival of the most unreasonable. No one is willing to reach out with an olive branch for fear of looking weak or losing negotiation position.

Backchannel aims to solve this problem by letting parties exchange confidential numbers without the other side knowing what those numbers are unless there is a match or overlap. This means that it is quick and easy for litigants to see if there is a deal.

Backchannel may just be the key to unclogging your docket.

How can your court use Backchannel to efficiently resolve cases and clear your docket?

We are working on a program to allow courts to contract with Vault ADR, LLC to allow the court’s litigants to use Backchannel at no cost to the litigants. If you would like to be notified about news regarding that program and other developments, please fill out this contact form.

In the meantime, you can add Backchannel as a suggested ADR program. Doing so will show that you are on the cutting edge of ADR and doing all that you can do to help litigants resolve disputes.

We’ve even created a draft order for you to enter that suggests the parties voluntarily utilize Backchannel. You can find that order here. Feel free to adapt it as you see fit.

If you would like to create a free pilot program for your court to use Backchannel, please contact us here. We have created a program that, for a limited time, will allow courts to try Backchannel for free and allow free access to litigants. Contact us today for the details.